Corporate Lighting

Corporate Lighting

Corporate Lighting is the most effective way to set the tone for your corporate event or any event for that matter. At Snap That™ our job is to transform the clients thought process into action and effect, giving the clients’ corporate event and the WOW factor it deserves.

We are Corporate Lighting specialist and best at what we do and have the most creative Lighting Engineers in the industry with most having gained many years of experience. We offer Corporate Lighting of all types of corporate events, depending on how long you need our services for. We cover both half day and full day.

We are able to supply intelligent LED lighting hire, full production services as well as customized stage lighting hire packages. We offer advanced, cutting-edge stage lighting hire and trussing for any corporate occasion big or small.

We have a team of talented and experienced people working at Snap That™ to provide Professional stage lighting can help create a special atmosphere that adds value to any stage performance.

Because we are experts in the field of lighting, we understand that the amount of space you have largely influences the plans for your lighting. When utilizing professional lighting options, there are five basic lighting positions that we use guided by your direction of where you want them. Here are some of positions:

  • Front lighting – which is the primary source of illumination and is often set at an overhead angle of 45 degrees. This improves its performance in poor lighting conditions.
  • Side lighting & high side lighting – the purpose of this types is to light a subject from the back or side, so they have a slight glow around them. This is effective for highlighting movement.
  • Back lighting –separates performers and props from the background to achieve a 3-dimensional effect. back lighting can also be defined as process of illuminating the subject from the back. This creates a glowing effect on the edges of the subject, while other areas are darker.
  • Down lighting – which lights the whole stage evenly by blending together lighting across the stage.

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