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With over 5 years of experience in corporate videos Durban, our team has you covered.

Snap That is composed of dedicated, creative, and experienced professionals who apply their knowledge from deep backgrounds in Advertising, Marketing and Project Management to create compelling corporate videos Durban.

Using creative story telling techniques and tools from consumer-based advertising and marketing, we create content that is long lasting.

Corporate Videos Durban: What We Do

We produce creative corporate video that’s engaging, inspiring, entertaining, and most importantly–remembered. We apply creative techniques to tell your company’s story and help corporations communicate effectively.

Corporate Videos Durban

We create corporate videos that map out your organisation in concisely creative and compelling ways. No matter what message you are trying to relay, whether it be internal or external, we are able to create a visual solution that will represent your brand accurately and express the campaign specific message effectively.

Our Expertise

Conceptualization & Pre-Production

Defining what exactly you want your video to be is the first, crucial step to take. We can help figure out what your video needs to accomplish and do it either in a unique way or within strict branding guidelines. Whether your video is super simple, or if it needs scriptwriting storyboarding for motion graphics and animation, it’s all right up our alley.

Corporate Videos Durban: Production

Our team of producers and coordinators has you covered. You don’t need to worry about scheduling crew or talent, or figuring out what cameras or lights to use, or anything really–we know you keep plenty busy outside of producing a video.

Corporate Videos Durban: Post-Production

All the pieces finally start coming together. While we assemble the video, we’ll keep you and your team completely within the process so you can see the collective vision come to life. And of course, we always encourage a final layer of polish with colour correcting, music selection/scoring, voice over recording, and more. We’ll see the process through until the final video is in your hands.

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