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To capture art is a skill that not many are able to portray, luckily for you, you’ve considered Snap That™ for your dance photography portfolio, show or just for display. As a dancer it is vital that you show your technique, proportions and line to their fullest, but just as importantly, your personality, energy and dynamics should come through in the images that are captured.

Remember that a dancers best investment is in quality marketing materials that will show case your set of skills. Great dance pictures don’t happen by chance. It’s not just a case of pressing the shutter at the right time. It’s about finding what works best for you and honing that, so your line and body proportions are shown to their best.

 What can I gain from dance photography shots of myself?

Dance is an expression, a form of art that expresses emotions, and tells a story using actions, movements, and facial expressions. The right shot offers an opportunity to capture a dancer’s strengths, passions and abilities in a single frame forever. Through dance photography you are able to build a portfolio that reflects your talent, the skill of dancing.

Photographs in your portfolio must reflect you at your very best. Having a dance portfolio of excellent dance photography will set you apart and help you to stand out either as a student auditioning for a contract with a company, or to build your profile and brand as a professional. If you are putting together your portfolio as a professional, then you can afford to be more creative. This is especially significant if you wish to generate income outside of dancing.

 What sets us apart from other Dance Photographers?

Dance photography is a unique job.  As a Dance Photography company, we understand the need to be quick in our actions to capture the perfect picture of you, the dancer while you are in action dancing. Dance is an art, therefore the pictures we capture will also be a piece of art.

As Dance photographers we can take pictures of studios, classes, competitions, awards ceremonies, and arangetrams for magazines and newspapers.

We are determined, quick on our feet, and patient to ensure that we capture the perfect picture of the dancer. Capturing the expressions and emotions of dance takes time, we understand this, which is why we work closely with the dancer, to find the best moment of action.

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Dance Photography Prices

  • 2 HOURS
    • 2 Hour Photography
    • High-Resolution Images
    • Images on a USB
    • Social Media Upload
  • 6 HOURS
    • 6 Hours Photography
    • High-Resolution Images
    • Images on a USB
    • Social Media Upload
  • 10 HOURS
    • 10 Hours Photography
    • High Resolution Images
    • Images on a USB
    • Social Media Upload

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