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Can you set up the photo booth outside?

We prefer to always set up under roof, but if the need arises, feel free to contact us and we can work something out!

What is included with the “props”

We try to make it as much fun as possible with a variety of funny hats, sun glasses, scarfs etc so your guests can truly enjoy and express themselves!

What if it’s a last minute booking?

If you book within 4 days of the event, you’ll have to pay in full.

Is there a deposit?

Yes, a 50% non-refundable deposit is required. The balance is required 7 days before your event.

What is social media sharing?

Guests can email and share photos to Facebook directly from the booth.

Where can I see all of the photos?

All of the photos taken inside of the booth are uploaded to our online gallery as they’re taken. You can also order a DVD with all of the photos.

Do we have an assistant on-site?

With the Social Booth Package, an assistant will be on-site to setup and take down the booth. With the Printing Packages, an assistant will be on site for the duration of your hire.

Is there a charge for travel expenses?

If your event is within a 30km radius of Durban City center, then there will be no travelling cost. Travel distances exceeding 30km round trip, will be charged at R5 per additional kilometer.

When are the photos printed and can I get copies?

The photos are printed on sight, directly after your photo booth experience. All our packages include a dvd with all the photos from the event. If you would still like extra copies, it can always be arranged.

How much is a prop kit?

They’re free! Because we love you guys. Please select this option when hiring a booth and we’ll include the prop kit with your booth hire.

What if I want to hire the Social Booth for less than 6 hours?

That’s fine. Please contact us for a FREE quote.

Does the booth need an internet connection?

Yes. We’ll bring a 3G modem with us. Please check that your venue has 3G coverage or WiFi

My venue doesn’t have 3G coverage or WiFi – are we doomed?

Of course not: All the image taken at your event will be store on our PC and we will give you all the images on DVD. Once we get back to the office we will then upload them to Snap That! Facebook page and SNAP THAT! Website for you to view.

When will the booth be setup at the venue?

When completing the booking form, we’ll ask what time you’d like the booth setup. Or it will start setup process one hour before the event starts.

When will the booth be taken down?

When completing the booking form, we’ll ask what time you’d like the booth taken down.

What is idle time?

This is in instances where example you would like the booth to be operational from 19:00-22:00 but want the booth set up by 17:00 inside your venue before your guests arrive(17:00-19:00 would then be considered “idle”  time). We can then set up the booth at your pre –requested time and we only charge you R450 per hour “Idling time”

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