Great Gatsby Theme Greenscreen Photobooth

If you’re thinking of hosting your very own Gatsby party, we can help bring your party to life with our Great Gatsby Theme Greenscreen Photobooth, grab a glass of champagne because we’ll show you how to throw an incredible party where you can celebrate with your friends, regardless of the occasion. After all, a little party never did kill anyone.

A great Gatsby party should always be held in the evening, have your guests dress in something with extra glitter or pearls Delicately beaded with soft silhouettes and elegant drop-waists, 1920’s fashion sure was stylish.

We love the idea of taking your theme one step further by adding an extra element of surprise to the festivities: by having a Great Gatsby theme greenscreen photobooth!

Great Gatsby Theme Greenscreen Photobooth

You are not limited to these greenscreen background themes, should you wish to include your own images to suit the theme, we’d be happy to include them!

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