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When your passion for food shines through in the images you capture, you know you’ve selected the right photographer for your food photography in Durban.

So, you’re a whizz in the kitchen and you are looking for a food photographer that will bring out the vibrance of colours in the food you create. Snap That™ photographers take food photography to a new level we’re the perfect mix of passion for food and photography, yes, we love to eat too! However, not before we highlight the crispness of your food or pop of rich colour in your delicious curry.

Did you know that food photography is more than just capturing a picture of a meal or food item? Food is a sensory experience and the visual aspect is just as important as taste and smell. It can create a visual look and feel for your business and for the food you so lovingly create, a good food photographer can express this accurately. Food photography creates such an emotional connection with what has been made.

What we look for when doing food photography:

  1. Aesthetic: Photographing food that’s more natural-looking, such as salads or soups can have a more natural looking or “messy” plating style. Food that is very colourful should be plated more orderly to create balance.
  2. Surface: Wood can give a more rustic feel for presenting foods like burgers, wraps, sandwiches and finger food. Black slate creates a dramatic look with a modern twist, whereas a classic white plates can give colourful foods a vibrant pop. We believe in choosing crockery that aligns with the food’s aesthetic in order to bring out the strengths of the food’s visual appeal.
  3. Tools: Professional chefs use tools like spoons, squeeze bottles, tweezers, paint brushes and even baby oil to make food look appetizing.
  4. Colour: Adding fresh greenery, fresh herbs or even a napkin or glass of water or wine on the side of the plate can create a feeling of a “home cooked meal” that works well for lifestyle images. Less is always more when it comes to placing the focus on the meal.

Why choose Snap That™ as your food photographer:

Apart from our years of experience in photography and video, we are passionate about creating things that highlight the best side of individuals and objects. We bring out the best in people through our work, we are known for our special touch of evoking emotions in people.

We don’t only specialise in photography , check out our work here

Food Photography Prices

  • 2 HOURS
    • 2 Hour Photography
    • High-Resolution Images
    • Images on a USB
    • Social Media Upload
  • 6 HOURS
    • 6 Hours Photography
    • High-Resolution Images
    • Images on a USB
    • Social Media Upload
  • 10 HOURS
    • 10 Hours Photography
    • High Resolution Images
    • Images on a USB
    • Social Media Upload

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