Lighting: Stage, Wedding and Event Lighting Hire in Durban

Light up your event with aesthetically pleasing stage lights by Snap That Lighting. With our stage lights the fantasy side of events happens. Although basic lighting is required to make sure people can see what is going on, it is when the imagination of a creative lighting designer comes into play that venues are transformed into the fantasy worlds for the events. Our lights ranges from fixtures for basic events, through to award functions or weddings to outdoor concerts. You can add a funky feel or a melodious feel to your events or enhance the dance floor with the latest in lighting technology. You will have amazing stage lights at your special event that will make the occasion truly unforgettable!

Did you know? Light can transform a venue and easily change the tone or mood of an event depending on what you want to achieve. Using effective event lighting in innovative ways to get the effect you want, dramatizing the feel of a show and bringing out the emotion of your guests and leaving them with something great to talk about.

Light can create an ambient mood or a fully explosive sensory experience – the role played by lighting is one that can’t be understated. LED par cans are the bedrock of a good lighting rig while a follow spot keeps the audience attention focused where you want it. If you want to add some extra flair our intelligent moving head lights will take any performance to the next level!

Whether it’s a major theatre production or a small school play. Control your intelligent moving heads and static professional lighting with precision and artistic lighting design.

We stock everything from sound-triggered disco lights to mirror balls and bubble machines. Strobes are popular on the stage for lightning-effects while also being a need on your dance floors. Our other standard dance floor effects include smoke machines and ultraviolet (UV) lights. Don’t forget the crowd favourite, lasers!

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    Uplighting RGB Color Chart



    Color Name RGB CODE Sample
    Snow 255-250-250
    Snow 2 238-233-233
    Snow 3 205-201-201
    Snow 4 139-137-137
    Ghost White 248-248-255
    White Smoke 245-245-245
    Gainsboro 220-220-220
    Floral White 255-250-240
    Old Lace 253-245-230
    Linen 240-240-230
    Antique White 250-235-215
    Antique White 2 238-223-204
    Antique White 3 205-192-176
    Antique White 4 139-131-120
    Papaya Whip 255-239-213
    Blanched Almond 255-235-205
    Bisque 255-228-196
    Bisque 2 238-213-183
    Bisque 3 205-183-158
    Bisque 4 139-125-107
    Peach Puff 255-218-185
    Peach Puff 2 238-203-173
    Peach Puff 3 205-175-149
    Peach Puff 4 139-119-101
    Navajo White 255-222-173
    Moccasin 255-228-181
    Cornsilk 255-248-220
    Cornsilk 2 238-232-205
    Cornsilk 3 205-200-177
    Cornsilk 4 139-136-120
    Ivory 255-255-240
    Ivory 2 238-238-224
    Ivory 3 205-205-193
    Ivory 4 139-139-131
    Lemon Chiffon 255-250-205
    Seashell 255-245-238
    Seashell 2 238-229-222
    Seashell 3 205-197-191
    Seashell 4 139-134-130
    Honeydew 240-255-240
    Honeydew 2 244-238-224
    Honeydew 3 193-205-193
    Honeydew 4 131-139-131
    Mint Cream 245-255-250
    Azure 240-255-255
    Alice Blue 240-248-255
    Lavender 230-230-250
    Lavender Blush 255-240-245
    Misty Rose 255-228-225
    White 255-255-255


    Color Name RGB CODE Sample
    Black 0-0-0
    Dark Slate Gray 49-79-79
    Dim Gray 105-105-105
    Slate Gray 112-138-144
    Light Slate Gray 119-136-153
    Gray 190-190-190
    Light Gray 211-211-211


    Color Name RGB CODE Sample
    Midnight Blue 25-25-112
    Navy 0-0-128
    Cornflower Blue 100-149-237
    Dark Slate Blue 72-61-139
    Slate Blue 106-90-205
    Medium Slate Blue 123-104-238
    Light Slate Blue 132-112-255
    Medium Blue 0-0-205
    Royal Blue 65-105-225
    Blue 0-0-255
    Dodger Blue 30-144-255
    Deep Sky Blue 0-191-255
    Sky Blue 135-206-250
    Light Sky Blue 135-206-250
    Steel Blue 70-130-180
    Light Steel Blue 176-196-222
    Light Blue 173-216-230
    Powder Blue 176-224-230
    Pale Turquoise 175-238-238
    Dark Turquoise 0-206-209
    Medium Turquoise 72-209-204
    Turquoise 64-224-208
    Cyan 0-255-255
    Light Cyan 224-255-255
    Cadet Blue 95-158-160


    Color Name RGB CODE Sample
    Medium Aquamarine 102-205-170
    Aquamarine 127-255-212
    Dark Green 0-100-0
    Dark Olive Green 85-107-47
    Dark Sea Green 143-188-143
    Sea Green 46-139-87
    Medium Sea Green 60-179-113
    Light Sea Green 32-178-170
    Pale Green 152-251-152
    Spring Green 0-255-127
    Lawn Green 124-252-0
    Chartreuse 127-255-0
    Medium Spring Green 0-250-154
    Green Yellow 173-255-47
    Lime Green 50-205-50
    Yellow Green 154-205-50
    Forest Green 34-139-34
    Olive Drab 107-142-35
    Dark Khaki 189-183-107
    Khaki 240-230-140


    Color Name RGB CODE Sample
    Pale Goldenrod 238-232-170
    Light Goldenrod Yellow 250-250-210
    Light Yellow 255-255-224
    Yellow 255-255-0
    Gold 255-215-0
    Light Goldenrod 238-221-130
    Goldenrod 218-165-32
    Dark Goldenrod 184-134-11


    Color Name RGB CODE Sample
    Rosy Brown 188-143-143
    Indian Red 205-92-92
    Saddle Brown 139-69-19
    Sienna 160-82-45
    Peru 205-133-63
    Burlywood 222-184-135
    Beige 245-245-220
    Wheat 245-222-179
    Sandy Brown 244-164-96
    Tan 210-180-140
    Chocolate 210-105-30
    Firebrick 178-34-34
    Brown 165-42-42


    Color Name RGB CODE Sample
    Dark Salmon 233-150-122
    Salmon 250-128-114
    Light Salmon 255-160-122
    Orange 255-165-0
    Dark Orange 255-140-0
    Coral 255-127-80
    Light Coral 240-128-128
    Tomato 255-99-71
    Orange Red 255-69-0
    Red 255-0-0


    Color Name RGB CODE Sample
    Hot Pink 255-105-180
    Deep Pink 255-20-147
    Pink 255-192-203
    Light Pink 255-182-193
    Pale Violet Red 219-112-147
    Maroon 176-48-96
    Medium Violet Red 199-21-133
    Violet Red 208-32-144
    Violet 238-130-238
    Plum 221-160-221
    Orchid 218-112-214
    Medium Orchid 186-85-211
    Dark Orchid 153-50-204
    Dark Violet 148-0-211
    Blue Violet 138-43-226
    Purple 160-32-240
    Medium Purple 147-112-219
    Thistle 216-191-216
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