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There is a variety of outdoor photobooth hire Durban, that one can choose from depending on their needs.

What is an outdoor photo booth?

An outdoor photobooth refers a modern kiosk that contains an automated, usually coin-operated, camera and film processor, that is used on the outside. Today, most photo booths are digital, and portable.

Durban hire photobooth has the following types.

Outdoor photobooth hire Durban: Types

  • Closed Curtain Photobooth

Mostly likely to be used at weddings, this type of outdoor photobooth hire in Durban is subtle and curtain gives privacy to those who need it. The curtain theme can match the wedding, and the photo booth can be a simple design.

  • Hanging Props from Trees

Having this type of photobooth is easy, only need the props and camera a person and you can use the trees to place your props for example or use the available natural resources such as trees.

  • Stand-Up Board

The stand-up board can have any design you wish, with as many face-holes as you want, in the same theme of the wedding or the birthday party or any event that you may be having. It is up to the person/people to decide on the designs of the stand-up board and props to use.

  • Faux Framed Wall

Outdoor photobooth hire Durban, of using Faux Framed wall, this type of outdoor photobooth of a faux framed wall, is a great way that can provide a background for an event that one may be having. The wall is open to interpretation according to the theme of the event, and the individuals has the role that they play with coming up with designs for the wall.

  • Polaroid Frame

This type of outdoor booth is such a good portable idea, allows guests to photograph themselves in different place.

  • Speech Bubbles

Things like speech bubbles can provide words to a still image, and the best thing is, you can make them say what you want, also depends on what theme is of the event and the type of event. You can have blank cards cut into the shape of speech bubbles means the guests can write personal messages.

  • Retro Van Photobooth

If you have a van or know someone who has a van you can dress it up, and park it wherever you need to. The camera can go in the passenger seat, while the small couch inside provides the guests with seating.

  • Instant Camera & Guest Book

Using this type of camera at your event, is the best option that one can ever think about, this type of camera will fly around a blank space where a written message can sit. These images in a photo album, which allows ore writing and possible themed design.

Snap That Durban has the following services that we offer that vary from one choice of theme or idea, here are highlights of outdoor photobooth hire Durban.

Outdoor Photobooth Hire Durban: Services

These are the following services that we offer at our outdoor photobooth hire Durban:

  • Brand promotion
  • Product promotion
  • Corporate events
  • Sporting events
  • Christmas events
  • Matric dances and
  • Fundraisers

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