Party DJ Prices

 In Sound

Sound Prices

  • 3 HOURS
    • Sound System
    • Mics
    • Speaker and Mic Stands
    • Lighting
  • 4 HOURS
    • Sound System
    • Mics
    • Speaker and Mic Stands
    • Lighting
  • 5 HOURS
    • Sound System
    • Mics
    • Speaker and Mic Stands
    • Lighting

Party DJ prices: A DJ is one person that has the biggest responsibility when it comes to events and fun parties, but they come at different price rate. It is always important for the event organiser to always do their research and compare prices of party DJ prices.

Looking for the best affordable DJ?

There are various ways that one can get an affordable and good party DJ. Below are examples of ways of how one can get the right party DJ.

Party DJ: Ways to choose the right DJ

  • Choose a party DJ, according to their skills and experiences.
  • Hire someone you familiar with or know, this could be a friend or family relative.
  • Hire someone who has not been in the DJ industry for a very long time, this will save you money instead of hiring a party DJ that is well know of which they can be costly.
  • Be able to negotiate prices.
  • Most importantly have a budget in mind of the amount you willing to pay.

There are various party DJ’s prices that one can choose from depending to what they want from the DJ, to choose from according and have different experiences some work under management teams and some are independent. They all charge different prices, in the following are different price rate of hiring a party DJ in South Africa.

Party DJ: Party DJ prices

A party DJ for events such as weddings, children parties and universities full package is as follows:

  • The DJ will do the event for 6 hours.
  • Has sounds and lighting as part of the package.
  • Smoke machine.
  • Microphone

Party DJ for a wedding is offers the following in its full package.

  • Ceremony plus reception.
  • Sound and lighting
  • Microphones

The standard party DJ prices for birthday parties are as follows:

  • Party DJ prices consists of the following included in the package,
  • Lights and smoke machines
  • Microphones
  • Speakers

An average party DJ prices in South Africa depends on the type of event that is being done by the client then after the DJ or company’s management where the DJ is signed under decides on the pricing of the event.

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