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A baby shower, a wedding, or an anniversary- planning an event that is for entertainment and fun needs a DJ.

A DJ stands for disc jockey and can be described as the person that plays pre-recorded music from other musical artists usually music that is taken from a variety of large collection of available songs that are suitable for that theme that a party DJ is working at.

A party DJ has a lot of responsibility, one being to keep the crowd or the people at the event happy and satisfied. Below are examples of tasks or responsibility that are to be performed by party DJ.

Party DJ: Responsibility

  • Party DJ can also play the role of being a MC for the event.
  • Making all announcements including Introductions and all formalities.
  • Creating a fun and personalized dance environment.
  • Creating the timeline/agenda

The role of the DJ all the time is to make sure that all things are well prepared for and that the people that he/ she is playing for are satisfied There are other traits that are needed for one to become a DJ, below are the examples of skills needed for one to become a party DJ.

Party DJ: Skills

  • Know how to creatively use midi controllers.
  • Must be an expect at networking online.

As times are changing, and the advance use of the internet and all technologies, the use of web has allowed the change in the way people in this case DJ’s shares their music and sounds all and around the world.  The music and sounds can be shared on apps such as Soundcloud, or any other form of media platform.

  • As a DJ, one needs to be able to know how to remix and mash up.
  • The DJ also needs to succumb to the changing times as from back in the days, DJ’s use to use vinyl’s these days they use USB’s so they must be able to adapt to the changing times.
  • They must also need to be able to perform the music not just play it.
  • Must be able to read the crowd, by the way they react to the music that is being played if they like or don’t like the song.
  • As a DJ, they need to know different types of music genres.

A party DJ has a very demanding job, that may seem like a hobby, but it is an actual job, that requires one to love and be multi skills and be able to adapt to the changing times.

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