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We capture every moment and offer Photography Wedding Durban.

Snap That™ is a team of Wedding and Event Photographers that operates in Durban and surrounding places. Their style tends to lean toward a photo-journalistic approach – they aim to document every moment rather than to dictate. Snap That™’s Philosophy: Let your wedding hinge around the enjoyment of the day with your family and friends; the photos should be the end result of a fabulous day of celebrations!

Snap That™ has become one of the leading Photography Wedding Durban and video companies in Durban. To date, they’ve covered more than   300 weddings, corporate events, birthday parties, award ceremonies, and many more events. The strength in their brand lies in experience, very creative individuals, a fun workplace and a serious work ethic.

Photography is expensive but so is not hiring a professional.

When you are paying for caterers and bands and flowers, it’s hard to see the Photography Wedding Durban. But at the end of the day what do you have left? Your photos and your wedding ring, and of course your husband. Your dress will be collecting dust in a closet somewhere and your invitation will be somewhere in a drawer.

Snap That™ have a photo-journalistic / documentary style, always looking for that moment that captures more than just imagery, but also emotion – an end product that tells a story.

With Snap That™, you get so much more than the other one-man-band photography outfits. Their 2 full-time photographers are backed up by a team of experienced second shooters, full time admin and editing staff, dedicated to customer service and delivering quality end products.


This is one of the newest exciting features that have been added on to the Photography Wedding Durban. This will give you the chance to get comfortable in front of the camera. Either the Snap That™ team or you can decide on the venue, so they can do something totally different to your planned wedding or even go to your wedding venue. Scheduling your bridal make-up test for the day can also be a good idea.


Snap That™ pride themselves in beautiful professionally designed and printed Wedding Albums which is also included in the Photography Wedding Durban. Their albums are printed on high quality Kodak Ektacolor Edge (Lustre) photographic paper for a timeless and high-quality finish that will last for years.


Their online gallery proudly powered by Drawbox is an amazing way to show your photos to your friends and family that might not be in the same place as you. You can even let them download the photos so they can print them, if you choose to.


The first time you meet the Snap That™ team, most often you will still have no idea of any of the details of the wedding. Therefore, it is very important that they set up a second meeting. Here they will just quickly run through the wedding to make sure the day goes as smooth as possible. The pre-wedding consultation will make you feel relieved and most confident about your wedding day. Contact them for further details SnapThat™.

Snap That™ has many years of experience in the industry. They have a friendly and dedicated team, who go above and beyond to satisfy their clients. They also use high quality, professional equipment.

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