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Weddings are special events that brings together families, and friends together and the memories are always treasured. A good DJ at the even means good memories that lasts forever.

A wedding mobile DJ, also known as mobiles discos, are DJ’s that travel with portable equipment that includes, sound, lighting and video systems. This type of DJ’s play music for targeted audiences from collection of pre-recorded music using this digital music formats of USB’s, flash drives, laptops.

The following are the essentials that are needed to be the perfect wedding mobile DJ

Wedding mobile DJ: Essentials

  • Broad musical knowledge

You must have good mixing skills, sampling, beat juggling and creating new sounds out of old songs. A good weeding mobile DJ needs to understand and appreciate every genre of music.

  • Have a good persona

For one to be hired as a wedding mobile DJ, they need to have a good persona, meaning from the way they present themselves it does count when the soon to be married couple choses the DJ. From the couple ideal music type the mobile DJ need to respect their decision and be able to work with the couple in coming up with a good mix for the wedding day.

  • Organisation skills

Most involve the introduction of the couple and the wedding party (done by the DJ) but also include prayers, toasts, special requests, traditional rituals (garter toss, apron dance) and other things that may be requested by the couple that is going to be getting married. This means that the wedding mobile DJ, can do a lot of multiple jobs at once.

  • Have a Full-proof gear with backup

One (mobile DJ) should always have a backup plan this includes things like another USB, flash drive as a backup plan in case there something may happen or occur. It is always better to have a backup plan.

  • The ability to market yourself

In a sense a wedding gig can generate future wedding gigs. If you do a good job there are high chances that through referrals or through oneself marketing themselves as a wedding mobile DJ, they might get other clients easily.

  • Be able to adapt to the changing times.

Mobile DJing Is different from normal DJing, below are examples of mobile DJing.

Advantages: Wedding mobile DJ

  • Works on the fly

DJing digitally needs one to have the ability to not always stick on the script. It might happen that one changes their mind in relation to what they may have originally planned based on the way the crowd is reacting to the set as a DJ. With your hard drive and computer, you are now able to make snap decisions with the drag of a trackpad or a tap of a touch screen.

  • Less Setup

The elite controller sets up everything in a flash and is far physically demanding. As visually impressive as it is, the Elite Controller is set up and ready to go in less than 60 seconds. It is also self-contained and completely mobile making it easy to set up down than with physical DJ setups.

Wedding mobile DJ must be able to adapt so easily to the changing times and also must be skills and be aware of what is happening around them this may include the equipment that is used.

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