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We are the perfect choice for Wedding Party Photography.

Through photographs, Snap That™ preserves the most cherished moments – a beautiful bride walking down the aisle, or that funny Kodak moment while on a company retreat. Photographs are visual artwork. They take something ordinary and elevate it to a position of honor, some laboriously decorate large scrapbooks just to protect their precious memories. Photographs evoke the essence of a moment in time one has experienced, perhaps never to be experienced again, but should never be forgotten.

At Snap That™ we have passionate photographers specialising in weddings, school proms, graduations, conferences, engagements, birthdays, corporate events and baby photography. They also specialise in Wedding Party Photography which is one of Snap That™ ’s top-notch specialities.

we are a team of professionals  operating in well structured ways to ensure successful services with many years of experience in Wedding Party Photography. With their experience comes knowledge and quality to make your wedding day memories last a lifetime.

why choose us?

Every picture tells a story, what is yours telling you? Snap That™ Photographers have the passion, enthusiasm and yes a constant drive to capture your timeless and magical moments, imprinting your memories through their photography.

When it comes to professional Wedding Party Photography in Durban, we don’t just do photos – we Rock Them! With our five-star reviews and high-quality images, we are regarded as the number 1 choice for Wedding Party Photography in Durban. Through establishing and developing client relationships they strive to produce the ultimate image in every shot.

The Snap That™ team understands that there are certain things about Wedding Party Photography that just makes them believe in the smaller things in life and it allows them to capture emotion, something most people have conditioned themselves not to show easily. There is something special about a dad, that sheds a tear as he walks his daughter down the aisle. It allows them to capture love, at the highest point of its existence, the moment when two individual people, decides to make a forever commitment to each other.

Advanced skills and technology

Wedding Party Photography is not only about taking beautiful photographs, it is also about making the bridal couple feel relaxed while they confidently manage their day, making sure everything goes to schedule. Their wealth of knowledge and experience in weddings allows them to do this effectively.

On the wedding day, they like to take a step back and let the day unfold, while capturing all of the special moments. When necessary, they may direct you for specific photos they would like to get and will advise on group and family photo posing. They encourage their newly weds to take some time out from their busy wedding day and enjoy a creative shoot. This allows them to capture special moments between the bride and groom before the reception formalities begin. You can view our portfolio as well as other useful information HERE

Snap That™ has a friendly and dedicated team, who go above and beyond to satisfy their clients

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